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Commercial Financial Services
Online Account Access
Our online systems are designed for access to all aspects of your account. User friendly navigation allows users to quickly find the contents.

Log in to access more user friendly and flexible reporting statements. Extra miscellaneous functions are now available including a totally revamped check and invoice image viewing system. Enhanced features include:

  • Account Overview
  • Account Analysis
  • Online order entry and approval
  • Online credit availability
  • Image Viewing System

If you have any questions about our online system, please call us at 213-484-8000

Leasing Overview

Every company is different, and so is every lease Asiana Leasing writes for its customers. It all depends upon the analysis of your business and tax needs. For example, the following two types of leases that you can use to meet you objectives.
Operating Leases

If cash flow and lease payment amount are critical, we might suggest a true, or operating lease. An operating lease is considered an "off-balance sheet" liability and contains a provision to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease for market value. An operating lease is also particularly advantageous to the customer if the lease is for computer systems or high-tech equipment, because of the usage flexibility it allows. Further, it can work to the customer's benefit for tax purposes because the payments may be deducted as an operating expense.

Equipment Leasing
Capital Leases

If long-term ownership of the equipment is your goal, a capital lease might be your best choice. Similar to a bank loan, it would be categorized on your balance sheet as a long-term liability, with interest expense on your income statement. At the end of your lease, you can purchase the equipment for a modest sum. Most purchase options range from $1 to 10% of equipment cost.
There are many different lease combinations that can be put together to fit the vast number of different needs our customers have. Asiana Leasing understands that every customer is different, and our leasing specialists will work with you to meet your needs.
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